The Colonel Is A Lady by Beverly Thompson
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The Colonel Is A Lady by Beverly Thompson

"The Colonel is a Lady" by Beverly Thompson is a poignant and revealing story of an Army Lieutenant Colonel who served as a nurse in World War II, the Korean War, and in Vietnam. The courage of our fighting men and women, and the dedicated skill of those who helped heal their wounds is well told in this inspiring account of Evangeline P. Jamison. She is a woman of great success, not only in treating patients, she also fulfilled important leadership responsibilities throughout her career. After retiring from the Army, Lieutenant Colonel Jamison became a guiding force in the establishment of the Vietnam Women's Memorial in Washington, D.C., which she describes as her "greatest accomplishment". Lieutenant Colonel Jamison is a one of a kind heroine and a patriot of the highest order."

quote: "Zip" Rausa, former Navy fighter pilot. Editor of Association of Naval Aviation's magazine, "Wings of Gold" since 1988."


The book, The Colonel is a Lady, is an outstanding work and I loved reading it. You have touched my heart with the way you told her story. Jamie Jamison is a true warrior and many times we forget or pass over the great sacrifice and heroism in battle by the women in our country. Her story will and has inspired young women now beginning their careers in life. I shared this book with a young lady at my office just out of college and working as a software engineer. She read your book and told me she has never had a woman to look up to with such courage and background. Jamie's story can reach out and touch so many people with inspiration and honor.

You have opened future doors for our future leaders with this book.

I had to laugh when this young woman asked about the picture on the back page showing the dog tags and the words not all women wear love beads. I had to explain to her what dog tags were and I showed her mine. It made her cry when she understood what dog tags represented and why they were worn by the military. Your book is now with a group at work called the Young Women's Network and will be read by all the members.

Telling Jamie's story and bringing to light the passion for life and desire to help and serve this Country is something we need with our next generation. You are a wonderful caring woman to take the time and research to open these doors through your book.

Women and men and our young leaders will read "The Colonel is a Lady" and through your eyes and Jamie's life be inspired and learn, admire and be thankful for people like you and Jamie Jamison.

I salute you and Jamie for this wonderful work. As we would say on the battlefield in Iraq.

"Eyes Deep over the battlefield 24/7 with service, honor, pride and Leadership.
Thank you for this book.

William Farmer
a man now inspired


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